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Uttermost Mirror

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  1. Uttermost Leola Mirror

    Uttermost Leola Mirror




    Free Shipping. Distressed veneer with burnished details. Frame features an antiqued bronze wash with gold leaf undertones, burnished details and a gray wash. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  2. Uttermost Sergio Vanity Mirror

    Uttermost Sergio Vanity Mirror




    Free Shipping. Antiqued silver with a burnished wash. A narrow, lightly antiqued, silver leaf frame with burnished details accents this shapely beveled mirror. Mirror features a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  3. Uttermost Sinatra Vanity Mirror

    Uttermost Sinatra Vanity Mirror




    Free Shipping. Distressed dark bronze finish with hues of red, green and gold leaf undertones. Frame features a hand applied gold leaf undercoat with blotched brown stain, black speckling and a dark gray glaze. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  4. Uttermost Prisca Small Mirror

    Uttermost Prisca Small Mirror




    Free Shipping. Scalloped mirrors with beveled edges. This antique mirror is accented by four rosettes. The wood frame has a distressed silver leaf finish with black undertones.
  5. Uttermost Fifi Mirror

    Uttermost Fifi Mirror




    Free Shipping. Etched bevel mirrors. This decorative mirror features a narrow inner and outer frame finished in heavily antiqued gold leaf with etched, antique mirrors. Center mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  6. Uttermost Kagami Mirror

    Uttermost Kagami Mirror




    Free Shipping. Brushed nickel finish. This contemporary mirror features a metal frame with a brushed nickel finish. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  7. Uttermost Amberlyn Mirror

    Uttermost Amberlyn Mirror




    Free Shipping. Heavily distressed matte black with a light rusty brown glaze. The round, center mirror with generous 1 1/4 in. bevel, is surrounded by heavily antiqued gold leaf mirrors with burnished edges and antiqued, etched glass panels.
  8. Uttermost Earnestine Mirror

    Uttermost Earnestine Mirror




    Free Shipping. Heavy antiqued silver with black details and antiqued side mirrors. Heavily antiqued silver champagne finish over beaded framework with a dark gray glaze and antiqued side mirrors. Center mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  9. Uttermost Cadence Mirror

    Uttermost Cadence Mirror




    Free Shipping. Woven palm tree fibers with nail head trim. This stately mirror has antiqued gold leaf inner and outer edges and ornamentation. The inside panels have a distressed black finish with green glaze. Mirror is beveled.
  10. Uttermost Fresno Mirror

    Uttermost Fresno Mirror




    Free Shipping. Brown wood tone with silver accents. This smooth profile frame has an antiqued scratched silver leaf finish accented with black dry brushing. Inner lip has a beaded design. Mirror features a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  11. Uttermost Alita Mirror

    Uttermost Alita Mirror




    Free Shipping. Scratched bronze finish with champagne silver leaf accents. Mirror features a metal frame with black woven metal details. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  12. Uttermost Fortune Mirror

    Uttermost Fortune Mirror




    Free Shipping. Champagne with black dry brushing and antique stain. This frameless, beveled mirror is accented by several small, rectangular beveled mirrors creating a in.web in. effect. All edges have been polished for a smooth finish.
  13. Uttermost Avidan Mirror

    Uttermost Avidan Mirror




    Free Shipping. Heavily distressed rust brown with a light sage green wash. This mirror features a narrow metal frame finished in heavily antiqued gold leaf with antiqued style mirrors.
  14. Uttermost Entwined Mirror

    Uttermost Entwined Mirror




    Free Shipping. Glossy black finish. This unique, open fret frame is finished in antique silver and gold leaf over a mahogany undercoat.
  15. Uttermost Gotham Mirror

    Uttermost Gotham Mirror




    Free Shipping. Kinder tarnished silver with black. Unique frame features an antique silver leaf finish with warm highlights. The inner liner is satin black.
  16. Uttermost Hovan Mirror

    Uttermost Hovan Mirror




    Free Shipping. This frameless, arched mirror has polished edges for a smooth, clean finish. The etching and v-grooves give wonderful character to this beveled mirror.
  17. Uttermost Prisca Mirror

    Uttermost Prisca Mirror




    Free Shipping. Burnished tuscan crackled finish with black dry brushing and heavily antiqued silver details. This mirror frame features a distressed silver leaf finish with black undertones. The etched, antiqued mirror has four matching rosettes.
  18. Uttermost Hemani Mirror

    Uttermost Hemani Mirror




    Free Shipping. Antiqued gold with a light gray glaze. The decorative hand forged and hand hammered metal frame has an antiqued gold leaf finish with burnished edges and a light gray wash. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  19. Uttermost Whitmore Mirror

    Uttermost Whitmore Mirror




    Free Shipping. This solid wood frame features a smooth, matte black finish. The frame is accented by a silver leaf bead and rim. A black fillet highlights the edge of the beveled mirror. May be hung either horizontal or vertical.
  20. Uttermost Justus Mirror

    Uttermost Justus Mirror




    Free Shipping. Light brown undercoat with a distressed dark brown wash. This decorative mirror features a frame finished in distressed mahogany wood tone with black undercoat and gold leaf details. Mirror has a generous 1 1/4 in. bevel.
  21. Uttermost Isandro Mirror

    Uttermost Isandro Mirror




    Free Shipping. Distressed silver leaf with a heavy antiquing and black undertones. Made of hand forged metal, this frame features and open design that allows wall color to show thru and is finished in silver undertones with a black-gray wash and burnished edges. Mirrors are beveled.
  22. Uttermost Cattaneo Mirror

    Uttermost Cattaneo Mirror




    Free Shipping. Beveled mirror. Strips of hand beveled mirrors surrounded by a beaded inner and outer edge create the frame. Beading is finished in heavily antiqued silver/champagne.
  23. Uttermost Vivian Mirror

    Uttermost Vivian Mirror




    Free Shipping. This mirror is accented by a genuine Mother of Pearl frame. Mirror is beveled.
  24. Uttermost Dinuba-Metal Mirror

    Uttermost Dinuba-Metal Mirror




    Free Shipping. 100 individual mirrors. Numerous, small round mirrors are joined by hand forged metal to create this mirror. Finish is lightly antiqued silver champagne leaf.

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