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  1. Currey & Company Nicollette Chandelier on Clearance

    Currey & Company Nicollette Chandelier on Clearance

    For Price & to Order, Please Call 800-205-7819. Why Call?
    The Nicollette is a striking piece that can work wonderfully as a foyer chandelier, with its long graceful design. Features hand-carved wood teardrops and a 5-light configuration. Shown in Rhine Gold and Dark Wood finish (see Additional Images). This item ships by white glove delivery and though it...
  2. Currey & Company Iron Flourish Wall Sconce Pair

    Currey & Company Iron Flourish Wall Sconce Pair

    Free Shipping. The Iron Flourish Wall Sconce Pair features and intriguing spiral design that is both simple and elegant. Shown in Old Iron finish (see Additional Images). PLEASE NOTE: All of Currey's wall sconces come with an electrical plug for a socket, but they can also be hard-wired into the...
  3. Currey & Company Currey in a Hurry Marrakesh Table

    Currey & Company Currey in a Hurry Marrakesh Table

    This one-of-a-kind Hookah Table by Currey & Company is a unique end table, crafted with precise and punctilious attention to detail. The hammered nickel finish of the brass body gives this piece not only texture, but a particular visual charm to it. A slightly raised border around the tabletop is...
  4. Currey & Company Wanderlust Chandelier

    Currey & Company Wanderlust Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Tight spiral design in a pendant shape is finished with hand-applied silver leaf and hand-blown glass balls in graduated sizes. Delicate blown glass hung on a spiraling metal frame creates a sophisticated pendant with "just right" proportions. The metal frame work...
  5. Currey & Company Allusion Chandelier

    Currey & Company Allusion Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass/Crystal. This standout piece uses blown glass bubbles to create an unusual effect. Suspended on crystal chains, the glass balls add a touch of whimsy to a traditional chandelier. The four light framework of wrought iron is finished with a combination of Silver Leaf...
  6. Currey & Company Cicero Obelisk

    Currey & Company Cicero Obelisk

    Free Shipping. Wood/Mirror. Antiqued mirror and corbeau accents combine to form this breath taking obelisk accessory.
  7. Currey & Company Quantum Chandelier

    Currey & Company Quantum Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Blown glass balls make a classic pendant form something special. A delicate wrought iron frame is finished with Contemporary Silver Leaf that enhances the glow of the shimmering glass baubles.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  8. Currey & Company Stratosphere Chandelier

    Currey & Company Stratosphere Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Looking as if it has just swooped in from the stratosphere, this striking piece makes a big statement with both its size and the allure of its elements. Blown glass balls gleam with reflected light and the simple metal frame is finished with a complementary ...
  9. Currey & Company Bettina Pendant

    Currey & Company Bettina Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Crystal. This is a lot of crystal in a very small package. This classically styled pendant is the perfect piece to bring a touch of elegance to a very small space. The dressy crystal form is embellished with detailed wrought iron work finished in a complementary "Silver...
  10. Currey & Company Soothsayer Chandelier

    Currey & Company Soothsayer Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. Hand forged techniques are used to create this slightly nonsymmetrical 6 foot chandelier. A familiar shape is created with a different approach in material and styling.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  11. Currey & Company Paramour Chandelier

    Currey & Company Paramour Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Crystal. Simple crystal chandelier.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  12. Currey & Company Waterloo Chandelier

    Currey & Company Waterloo Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Wood. This magnificent eight light chandelier is spectacular on all counts: Size, materials and finish. The framework is constructed of wrought iron with applied bent wood that has been stained and then grey washed to give it the appearance of age. The classic traditional...
  13. Currey & Company Mainstay Chandelier

    Currey & Company Mainstay Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. A straightforward design makes a strong statement with its abrupt but pleasing angularity. This eight light wrought iron design is finished with an Antique Silver Leaf finish over all.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  14. Currey & Company Chatelaine Chandelier

    Currey & Company Chatelaine Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. This six light chandelier is just the right touch for settings that require an uncomplicated design for its lighting source. Iron links support the ring of lights. The wrought iron material is finished with Old Iron, which is perfect for its inclusion in a rustic setting...
  15. Currey & Company Carousel Lantern

    Currey & Company Carousel Lantern

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. A Lollipop Red finish with accents of Gold Leaf make this delicate and whimsical lantern distinctive and fun. The lightly scaled wrought iron frame ensures there is just the right amount of red, which makes it POP!* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  16. Currey & Company Adara Chandelier

    Currey & Company Adara Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Composite. This chandelier is all about details. Decorative elements are creatively used and placed on this large twelve light fixture. Wrought iron frame and elements are complemented by cast composite details. Three rich finishes of Ivory Brown, Sicilian Gold Leaf and...
  17. Currey & Company Weymouth Pendant

    Currey & Company Weymouth Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. A one light pendant is framed with a square wrought iron frame. The Silver Leaf finish augments the Off White Linen shade that is included.* Maximum Wattage: 100 * Bulb Type: A
  18. Currey & Company Veneta Pendant

    Currey & Company Veneta Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. This one light pendant is constructed of woven sheet metal bands, an unusual material for this purpose as well as one that requires a great deal of skill to weave. It comes with a swivel option for mounting on a slanted ceiling. This piece complements the CC9965 Veneta...
  19. Currey & Company Regatta Pendant

    Currey & Company Regatta Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Capiz Shell. The natural material, Capiz Shell, is used in combination with wrought iron finished in Cupertino to create this one light pendant. When the light shines through the natural Capiz Shell, it gives a pleasing warm glow to the shade.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb...
  20. Currey & Company Manuscript Pendant

    Currey & Company Manuscript Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Mirror. This one light pendant takes the form of a classic industrial pendant lighting fixture. The surprise is found in the antiqued mirror glass that is fitted piece by piece inside the shade to make an elegant reflector. A Black Smoke finish gives an authentic look to...
  21. Currey & Company Panorama Pendant

    Currey & Company Panorama Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. A creative use of hand blown recycled green glass forms a delightful shade for this one light pendant. The metal components are of wrought iron finished in Satin Black. It is the perfect lighting fixture for the use of an antique reproduction bulb. The industrial...
  22. Currey & Company Annandale Pendant

    Currey & Company Annandale Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Mirror. The Annandale Pendant with a wrought iron shade and chains and the use of antique mirror brings the rough luxe concept home. The wrought iron is finished in Bronze Verdigris. The lining of the shade with anique mirror makes this a very special piece.* Maximum...
  23. Currey & Company Fruitier Pendant

    Currey & Company Fruitier Pendant

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Wood. With a look that was popular in home furnishings in the '50's, the Fruitier Pendant has the warmth of wood materials honestly and simply used. Natural ash is the wood and it has a wrought iron framework which is finished in Old Iron.
  24. Currey & Company Tangiers Pendant

    Currey & Company Tangiers Pendant

    Free Shipping. Steel/Glass Beads. The charming ethnic form of the Tangiers Pendant gives a strong sense of drama to a room. The treated metal is pierced by hand and is electroplated with copper and nickel before a final finish of lacquer is applied. Small amber beads placed in some of the piercings...

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