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Currey And Company Chandelier

  1. Currey & Company Nicollette Chandelier on Clearance

    Currey & Company Nicollette Chandelier on Clearance

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  2. Currey & Company Gramercy Chandelier

    Currey & Company Gramercy Chandelier

    The Gramercy chandelier has breathtaking scrollwork that has a Celtic aura and 9 lights. Shown in Mayfair finish (see Additional Images).
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  3. Currey & Company Quantum Chandelier

    Currey & Company Quantum Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Blown glass balls make a classic pendant form something special. A delicate wrought iron frame is finished with Contemporary Silver Leaf that enhances the glow of the shimmering glass baubles.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  4. Currey & Company Wanderlust Chandelier

    Currey & Company Wanderlust Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Tight spiral design in a pendant shape is finished with hand-applied silver leaf and hand-blown glass balls in graduated sizes. Delicate blown glass hung on a spiraling metal frame creates a sophisticated pendant with "just right" proportions. The metal frame work...
  5. Currey & Company Stratosphere Chandelier

    Currey & Company Stratosphere Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. Looking as if it has just swooped in from the stratosphere, this striking piece makes a big statement with both its size and the allure of its elements. Blown glass balls gleam with reflected light and the simple metal frame is finished with a complementary ...
  6. Currey & Company Soothsayer Chandelier

    Currey & Company Soothsayer Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. Hand forged techniques are used to create this slightly nonsymmetrical 6 foot chandelier. A familiar shape is created with a different approach in material and styling.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  7. Currey & Company Paramour Chandelier

    Currey & Company Paramour Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Crystal. Simple crystal chandelier.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  8. Currey & Company Waterloo Chandelier

    Currey & Company Waterloo Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Wood. This magnificent eight light chandelier is spectacular on all counts: Size, materials and finish. The framework is constructed of wrought iron with applied bent wood that has been stained and then grey washed to give it the appearance of age. The classic traditional...
  9. Currey & Company Mainstay Chandelier

    Currey & Company Mainstay Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. A straightforward design makes a strong statement with its abrupt but pleasing angularity. This eight light wrought iron design is finished with an Antique Silver Leaf finish over all.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  10. Currey & Company Chatelaine Chandelier

    Currey & Company Chatelaine Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. This six light chandelier is just the right touch for settings that require an uncomplicated design for its lighting source. Iron links support the ring of lights. The wrought iron material is finished with Old Iron, which is perfect for its inclusion in a rustic setting...
  11. Currey & Company Allusion Chandelier

    Currey & Company Allusion Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass/Crystal. This standout piece uses blown glass bubbles to create an unusual effect. Suspended on crystal chains, the glass balls add a touch of whimsy to a traditional chandelier. The four light framework of wrought iron is finished with a combination of Silver Leaf...
  12. Currey & Company Adara Chandelier

    Currey & Company Adara Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Composite. This chandelier is all about details. Decorative elements are creatively used and placed on this large twelve light fixture. Wrought iron frame and elements are complemented by cast composite details. Three rich finishes of Ivory Brown, Sicilian Gold Leaf and...
  13. Currey & Company Palomino Chandelier

    Currey & Company Palomino Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Wood. Contemporary styling utilizes traditional features in this transitional fixture. Flat bars of wrought iron are shaped into the lovely form of this six light chandelier. Details of wood are used for the candle cups and bottom finial. All are finished in Bronze Gold.*...
  14. Currey & Company Hannah Chandelier

    Currey & Company Hannah Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Wood. The look of an old Swedish classic is translated into a light fixture for today. The delicate arms of wrought iron are accompanied by a shaft of carved wood and slender wooden drops. The wood is finished in Stockholm White and contrasts nicely with the wrought iron...
  15. Currey & Company Sethos Chandelier

    Currey & Company Sethos Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Glass. A very tall version of the Sethos Chandelier with its recycled glass discs and wrought iron framework makes it a great candidate for tall narrow spaces where a striking statement is needed.The allure of glass and the creative use of another natural material of...
  16. Currey & Company Giltspur Chandelier

    Currey & Company Giltspur Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. The Giltspur Chandelier is carefully crafted of wrought iron that is finshed with a pleasing mixture of Antique Gold and Black. The round orb is embellished with a dome on top and inverted domes at the bottom. It fits well into an elegant setting as well as a less formal...
  17. Currey & Company Domani Chandelier

    Currey & Company Domani Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron/Mirror. A true signature piece, Domani has style and substance with its elegant shape outlined with antiqued mirror. Harlow Silver Leaf complements the mirror perfectly.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  18. Currey & Company Saxon Chandelier

    Currey & Company Saxon Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. Delicate arms reach out to simply create a large diameter chandelier with 6 lights. Zanzibar Black is the finish.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  19. Currey & Company TreeTop Chandelier

    Currey & Company TreeTop Chandelier

    Free Shipping. For a truly rustic choice the Treetop chandelier fits the bill. 4 lights. Shown in Old Iron finish (see Additional Images).
  20. Currey & Company Coronation Chandelier

    Currey & Company Coronation Chandelier

    Free Shipping. The coronation chandelier is very ornate and elegant. The strong masculine lines, which encompass the 4 lights, are complimented perfectly with the feminine scrolling ironwork at the top and base. Shown in Cupertino and Gold Leaf finish (see Additional Images).
  21. Currey & Company Trademark Chandelier

    Currey & Company Trademark Chandelier

    Free Shipping. The Trademark Chandelier is a classic design with 6 lights. The chandelier is completed in Blacksmith Finish. (see Additional Images)
  22. Currey & Company Anise Chandelier

    Currey & Company Anise Chandelier

    Free Shipping. 4 lights, 3' Chain Shown in Barcelona Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf finish (see Additional Images).
  23. Currey & Company Cascade Chandelier

    Currey & Company Cascade Chandelier

    A classic wrought iron chandelier that is gracefully proportioned in a "just-right" size.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B
  24. Currey & Company Colossus Chandelier

    Currey & Company Colossus Chandelier

    Free Shipping. Wrought Iron. This chandelier is grand in scale and proportion. It features great craftsmanship and nice details.* Maximum Wattage: 60 * Bulb Type: B

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