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  1. So sore after Grandfather Mountain Marathon yesterday I am walking like a 90 year old.  But what a fun day.. Great weather, great friends.
  2. It felt great to be in the pool this am & not pounding myself into oblivion on the roads.  Next up: Grandfather Mtn Marathon on July 9.
  3. I saw a bear on Saturday while running the Grandfather Mountain Marathon.  He jumped right out in front of me at mile 20.  A bear, people!!
  4. Off to the races tomorrow...see ya'll at the Grandfather Mountain Marathon.  Its gonna be hot, steep, & fun in a very painful way!
  5. meanwhile, yes indeed, I am going to throw myself at Grandfather Mountain this weekend.   I just hope it doesn't  throw me back!
  6. I do not think I will be running Grandfather Mtn this weekend.  Double hamstring/ankle injury flaring up.  Could handle one, but not both.

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