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Hillsdale Daybed

  1. Hillsdale Furniture Dalton Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Dalton Daybed

    The wood construction of the Hillsdale Dalton Daybed makes it the perfect piece to complement any Cottage, Country, Lodge, Traditional, or Mission style home. Finished in a light Medium Oak hue, its most distinctive feature is the lifting tray tables on each side, which is perfect when you use this...
  2. Hillsdale Furniture Providence Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Providence Daybed

    The Hillsdale Providence Daybed features Transitional design in its sleek silhouette, allowing you to mix it with a variety of furniture and decor styles. Its metal frame comes in a lovely Antique Bronze finish, blending enough brown and black tones to match color schemes of any scale. Chic...
  3. Hillsdale Furniture Bedford Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Bedford Daybed

    The Hillsdale Bedford Daybed is classically elegant, taking the elements of the iconic sleigh bed design and fitting them to the frame of a daybed. It has a straight back, which allows you to put it closer to the wall, white it is the arms that flare out in a sophisticated take on the traditional...
  4. Hillsdale Furniture Madison Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Madison Daybed

    The Madison Daybed is unique in that its design and construction allow it to complement a wide variety of decor styles. From Traditional to Lodge, Mission to Industrial, this bed fits all of them. The square, solid wood posts combine with black metal grills and curling spindles to create this...
  5. Hillsdale Furniture Vancouver Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Vancouver Daybed

    The Hillsdale Vancouver Daybed is a Transitional piece, featuring simple design and sleek style. Its metal construction exhibits slender, straight spindles and a gently curving silhouette, giving you a piece with little embellishment but lots of stylistic freedom. It can easily complement a variety...
  6. Hillsdale Furniture Brenton Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Brenton Daybed

    The Hillsdale Brenton Daybed has a sleek design that will create an aura of sophistication in any room. Its classic frame is upholstered in a rich espresso faux leather that makes it look like a genuine sofa. It's the perfect piece for furnishing your home office or study, enhancing the business...
  7. Hillsdale Furniture Siesta Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Siesta Daybed

    The Hillsdale Furniture Siesta Daybed is a simple yet refined piece that is incredibly versatile. It can complement a variety of décor, from Transitional to Contemporary. The smooth edges of this piece result in a soft silhouette that is pleasing to the eye. Upholstered in beautiful beige tweed...
  8. Hillsdale Furniture Mercer Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Mercer Daybed

    The Hillsdale Mercer Daybed is an ornately designed piece that brings all the regal qualities of Victorian-age furniture to your home. The intricate, Old World fashion of this daybed makes it the perfect furnishing for any home inspired by turn-of-the-century designs and styles, whether you put it...
  9. Hillsdale Furniture Chalet Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Chalet Daybed

    Drawing inspiration from the Parisian style, the Hillsdale Chalet Daybed gives you classic, embellished elegance reflective of the luxury of Old World French artisan furniture. While the metal construction gives it a modern twist, the overall design imitates that of the best French craftsmanship,...
  10. Hillsdale Furniture Jasmine Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Jasmine Daybed

    The Hillsdale Furniture Jasmine Daybed is fully upholstered and features a classic sofa shape for the ultimate level of comfort whether sitting or lying down. Linen Stone colored fabric finish makes this piece easy to meld with other color and style schemes to add functionality and comfort to any...
  11. Hillsdale Furniture Natalie Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Natalie Daybed

    The Hillsdale Natalie Daybed is sleek, simple, and modern. Its frame is upholstered in chic black faux leather, giving it a smooth, soft appearance. Its silhouette features only the arms of the piece, making it the perfect blend of sofa and bed. Whether you need it for a child's room or a living...
  12. Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Daybed

    The Hillsdale Wilshire Daybed is the perfect country cottage piece for any relaxed, rustic home atmosphere. The frame is designed with lovely curves to create an elegant silhouette, which is further enhanced by the finials and the twisted wood accent on top. Its Antique White finish is rubbed to...
  13. Hillsdale Furniture Winsloh Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Winsloh Daybed

    The Hillsdale Winsloh Daybed is a beautiful piece that brings together elements of Lodge and Industrial styles. Its rich wood posts frame elegant metal back and side panels, which gently curve at the top with simple scroll detailing. The Medium Oak finish of the wood and the Black hue of the metal...
  14. Hillsdale Furniture Martino Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Martino Daybed

    The Hillsdale Martino Daybed features luxurious appeal in its lovely scrolled pattern and richly finished wood posts. This combination of Industrial and Lodge styles creates a blend of sophistication and resilience that will look fantastic in any home. It's the perfect way to accommodate overnight...
  15. Hillsdale Furniture Miko Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Miko Daybed

    For those who love Contemporary style, there is the Hillsdale Miko Daybed. It's an easy way to furnish any study or home office that has to double as a guest bedroom. You can also use this as a full-time child's bed. Its modern design features straight, clean lines that also allow it to blend with...
  16. Hillsdale Furniture Chloe Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Chloe Daybed

    The modern geometry of the Hillsdale Chloe Daybed is an undeniably sleek addition to any room in a contemporary home. Its chic rectangle motif is a fantastic look that will add to your home decor without being ostentatious or over-the-top. The construction is of tubular steel, so it's sturdy and...
  17. Hillsdale Furniture Lucy Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Lucy Daybed

    The Hillsdale Lucy Daybed is a sweet, elegant bed that will look lovely in any girl's room. Its metal frame features a clean white finish, with classic straight spindles and a charming heart motif on the back and sides. You can match it with any color scheme, so feel free to get creative as you...
  18. Hillsdale Furniture Morris Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Morris Daybed

    The Hillsdale Morris Daybed is perfect for any elegant home, whether small or large. Its sleek metal frame features a Magnesium Pewter finish, which is a sophisticated leaden silver finish that looks great with any grayscale color scheme. The combination of straight lines and curved arches on the...
  19. Hillsdale Furniture Springfield Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Springfield Daybed

    The Hillsdale Furniture Springfield Daybed is a stylish and reliable piece that offers a classic look sure to complement your home. With its soft rounded edges and cozy sofa-like silhouette, this piece is suitable as a fashionable focal point in a living room. This daybed's simple yet polished style...
  20. Hillsdale Furniture Kensington Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Kensington Daybed

    The Hillsdale Kensington Daybed is the perfect way to furnish a child's room or to make space for an overnight guest. The metal silhouette and white finish are gender-neutral, which means that this piece can fit in any room. Its frame seems to have a vintage appeal, harkening back to the 1930s and ...
  21. Hillsdale Furniture Camelot Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Camelot Daybed

    The Hillsdale Camelot Daybed embodies courtly elegance without being ostentatious or over-the-top. The beautiful metal frame features a simple design that still maintains a high level of sophistication, especially with the rope wire draping along the top of the silhouette. Its Black Gold finish...
  22. Hillsdale Furniture Hayward Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Hayward Daybed

    Romantically styled in easy neutral tones, the Hayward Daybed will add a visual flourish to any room in the house. Constructed of metal with a textured white finish, the Hayward is an airy construction of expressive line designs and elegant curvature, giving it an authentic, eye-catching style...
  23. Hillsdale Furniture Milano Daybed

    Hillsdale Furniture Milano Daybed

    The Hillsdale Milano Daybed is a beautiful Transitional-style piece that will complement virtually any home decor. Its sleek metal frame features an Antique Pewter finish that adds a gorgeous metallic sheen to its elegant silhouette. The swooping scroll designs enhance the profile with a touch of...
  24. Hillsdale Furniture Staci Daybed in White

    Hillsdale Furniture Staci Daybed in White

    The Hillsdale Staci Daybed is an excellent choice because of its neutral style. Its design is not gender specific, and its simple silhouette and classic finishes allow it to complement virtually any decor style and color scheme. Its simple lines give it some subtle dimension without overpowering the...

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