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  1. Decorate That Holiday Table
    …Candles are the best! They come in all different colors, shapes, and my favorite -- scents! Why not group together a few and spread some holiday cheer with a rich holiday scent! If you aren't convinced with candles (or are just not feeling the open flame idea), use something from the season! Mix and…
  2. Decorate That Holiday Table
  3. Decorate That Holiday Table by Carolina Rustica via Blogger
  4. 4th of July Treats and Decor Ideas
    …has a great list you can dive into! Alright Let's get DECORATING!!! Twisted Paper Star liagriffith.comTwisted Paper Star Ornament For a great kid craft, and yet one that you can enjoy too, These twisted stars look great no matter the holiday! Quick Instructions: Using origami paper or double sided…

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