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Jane Seymour

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  • AICO Hollywood Swank Collection at Carolina Rustica

    Since its introduction, Hollywood Swank has proven to be a runaway winner by AICO. Two discriminating artists Jane Seymour and Michael Amini provide a design collaboration unlike any other in creating this bold collection. This collection is made up of styles that were inspired by the sunset strip.…
  • AICO Hollywood Swank Spotlight Hollywood Swank, a collaboration between Michael Amini and Designer/Actress Jane Seymour, is one of the most popular collections by AICO Furniture. Narrated by Jeff Morrison. Fore more information, visit
  • Spotlight: AICO Furniture by Michael Amini

    …of some of our favorite collections from AICO Furniture. Known for the look and feel of ultimate luxury and high design, AICO has over a dozen signature collections, as well as popular collaborations with designer/actress Jane Seymour. Check our website for more details: