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Largo Daybed

  1. Largo Felicity Daybed

    Largo Felicity Daybed

    The Largo Felicity Daybed is a good choice for anyone looking to cultivate a charming and welcoming feeling in their home. The off-white wood finish is simplistic, and complements many different styles and color schemes. This color is combined with a distinct style, with rounded boards and an...
  2. Largo Woodhaven Daybed in Blue

    Largo Woodhaven Daybed in Blue

    If you are looking for a piece of furniture to convey the comfort of a country home or cottage, then the Largo Woodhaven Daybed is the bed for you. A charming piece with a distressed blue wood finish, this piece allows you to decide where to put it, as the shape and color is uniform and matches well...
  3. Largo Bismark Daybed

    Largo Bismark Daybed

    The Largo Bismark Daybed is an Industrial-style piece that retains some Traditional features, allowing you to bring the best of both styles into your home. The slats on the back and sides give it an earthy yet minimalist appearance -- a very popular style in home furnishings right now. The weathered...
  4. Largo Boston Daybed

    Largo Boston Daybed

    Sometimes artistic combination can lead to results more splendid than individual styles can together, as is clearly the case with the Largo Boston Daybed. This combination of Traditional style with Modern metalwork is sure to serve comfortably while adding a level of unprecedented artistic...
  5. Largo Lee Daybed

    Largo Lee Daybed

    The Largo Lee Daybed is one of those true classics that can fit into virtually any home or style. The use of hardwood solids in the design ensures that the bed is structurally sound and will remain that way for years to come. These hardwoods are also finished with a beautiful and lush Glowing Pecan,...
  6. Largo Katrina Daybed

    Largo Katrina Daybed

    The Largo Katrina Daybed is a charming way to combine the Traditional aspects of a bed with modern functionality. The intricate metalwork design on the headboard and footboard makes this one of the most elegant and attractive options on the market. The solid metal frame ensures structural stability...
  7. Largo Odyssey Daybed

    Largo Odyssey Daybed

    If you are looking for a flexible piece of furniture that can function and endure for a long time, while at the same time bringing some new style to the table, then the Largo Odyssey Daybed is exactly what you need. The metal construction ensures that the bed will be around for the long haul,...
  8. Largo Loretto Daybed on Clearance

    Largo Loretto Daybed on Clearance

    Our extras mean extra savings for you!Every Clearance Center item is priced to sell at, near or below our cost! We accumulate items from excess inventory, discontinued inventory, retail floor models, customer cancellations, exchanges, etc. This is a one-of-a-kind item sold on a first come, first...
  9. Largo Town and Country Daybed

    Largo Town and Country Daybed

    The Largo Town and Country Daybed really is the final word in terms of furniture seeking to employ the Traditional artistic style. The wooden construction is premier in this, with vertical shutter-style wood slats on the back and sides of the piece. This, combined with the shaped and rising sides,...

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